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Extensive international experience in Fortune 500 companies.
Extensive international experience in Fortune 500 companies.
Enterprise Architecture, IT Strategy & Road-mapping.
Post-acquisition/merger IT Integration.
Vendor Management Strategy
We have seen 5 main challenges that are common to IT in different sectors:
(1) Competitive business environment that constantly changes.
Specifically in group/multi-national settings, the dynamic and variant business environment poses a challenge to the total cost of ownership of IT platforms and burdens delivery and operations.
(2) Rapidly growing business through mergers or acquisitions.
Mergers and acquisitions are quite common for inorganic growth strategies especially in investment heaving industries (e.g telecoms). However, this puts an integration challenge on the IT and technology functions to consolidate platforms and systems, migrate customer, product and service data while maintaining a consistent level of service; and within a timeframe that is aligned with the merger/acquisition benefits case.
(3) Regulatory Compliance.
Be it Financial Services, Telecoms or Utilities, regulatory bodies impose strict directives when it comes to the customer data security, competitiveness and consumer rights. Companies often incur operational inefficiency costs when these directives do not conform to the existing processes or IT platforms. In a multi-national setting, this is often a more complex issue as different national regulatory bodies have different directives which challenges the common organizationís processes and/or Enterprise Architecture.
(4) Technology Vendor Dependency.
Large IT functions have a complex landscape that usually comprises of multiple vendors for de-risking, best of bread approach or other reasons. The challenge to reduce vendor lock-in, manage suppliers effectively and ensure their product roadmaps conform to the organizationís IT strategy requires a solid strategic vendor management capability that includes set and agreed processes with vendors, alignment with procurement and inter-department communication.
(5) Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Reduction.
In the current economic climate, pressure on the IT function to reduce the total cost of ownership mounts and reveals in different aspects, to give examples: application consolidation, process re-engineering, vendor optimization and human capital reduction. Depending on the organization, the approach to TCO reduction varies.
"One machine can do the work of fifty ordinary men. No machine can do the work of one extraordinary man." Ė Elbert Hubbard.
In todayís climate we believe execution excellence is the key to realising your goals, whether they are planned cost effiencies, growth or speed to market. We typically get engaged at two stages: (1) Initiation, where we devise the strategic direction; or (2) Post Big-4, after the initiation is led by your strategic consulting partner and a general direction is in place that now requires professional and excellence in materialisation.
we align our assignment objectives with yours by creating common success criteria, timelines and KPIs. Our main goal is to help you achieve yours, so we always maintain transparency in communication and clarity when it comes to the practical realisation of your targets.
As a business technology practice, we understand the integeral role of IT in the overall organisationís success; so we work with you within your organisation to identify the key stakeholders, key organisational targets, potential value and risks and help putting together the benefits case when/if required.
Once agreed, we get on with the work as per the signed off plan, make sure the stakeholders are managed and always keeping an eye on your success criteria.
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Execution Excellence
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Excellence in execution is about the continuity of the results beyond delivery. This is not only achieved by high quality and professional execution within budget and timeframes, but also by ensuring optimum governing processes, support and handover are in place before assignment completion.
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